Hello! my name is


Taz gets along great with my dogs at home. His adopted “sister” is Ellie, and they are great friends. Taz is considered the annoying little brother, and nips and paws at her until she chases him around the yard. They do this for hours. Occasionally she’ll get fed up with him and bark at him, putting him on guard, but only for a couple of minutes until he goes back to his shenanigans.

Funny training story:

When Taz first started learning narcotics, he was playing with a training aid tied to the end of a rope. Taz wrapped the rope around a pole, but it only took him a second to figure out all he had to do was run the other direction to unwrap himself.

Taz has two bites so far, and his largest narcotics find is five pounds of methamphetamine. He also finds other amounts of meth, cocaine, mushrooms, and heroin. I’m not sure what the exact total for everything he has found is.

Taz is playful and young at heart, but he’s very good at turning his “work switch” on and off.