Hello! my name is


K9 Maik was born in September 1998. K9 Maik arrived from Holland in July 2001 and started the K9 academy in August of 2001.

We miss you.

During the next six years of street duty, K9 deputy Maik had over 1,009 deployments. Most notably, he was responsible for a seizure of $265,000 worth of narcotics proceeds hidden in the backseat of a truck and found 2,500 ecstasy pills hidden in pottery in the back of a tractor trailer. K9 Maik also had 5 suspect bites including one in a pond and he brought the suspect to shore.

During his active service, he fell through a roof chasing a burglary suspect (and had his knee totally rebuilt with metal plates) and cracked his bottom jaw on a bite on a burglary suspect. After his knee replacement, he continued to work for two years after. K9 Maik crossed over the rainbow bridge in January of 2008. Great job, K9 Maik. RIP.