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K9 Kiowa came from Silt, Colorado as a one year old german shepherd born in 1988.

Enjoying Retirement

When his new handler, Deputy Harry Bowen, picked him up in the middle of the night, he stopped along the way home to eat dinner and share some steak with his new K9. In 1990, they completed training and he became a patrol, SWAT and narcotics K9 for 10 years of his active service. K9 Kiowa and his handler, Deputy Harry Bowen, are known as “overachievers” and provided service to LCSO and SWAT, Loveland PD and SWAT, Fort Collins SWAT, Greeley, Weld County, Estes Park PD, CSP Northern Region and sometimes mutual aid counties when needed.  Needless to say, this K9 team worked a lot!

Deputy Bowen left LCSO in 1996 after working with K9 Kiowa for six years. Kiowa stayed on with LCSO with a new handler. Talk about the strong bond between handler and K9 — pairing Kiowa with a new handler was not successful at all.  He bit the first handler and bit the second handler’s wife. The regional trainer told Deputy Bowen that Kiowa thought he was just on an extended vacation from Bowen during that year and didn’t like it. So, Kiowa went with Bowen to the Loveland PD and served three more years in patrol, SWAT and narcotics with his beloved handler.

In 2000, Kiowa retired at the age of 11 years. He went home with Officer Bowen to live like a king for the rest of his life until he crossed the rainbow bridge in 2003. As Officer Bowen states, “He was a good K9 for the Sheriff’s Office and Police Department, and he was a good son to me.”

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