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Deputy Dave Feyen now has two retired K9’s living at home with his family.  K9 Tovan and K9 Dox.  

As you can imagine, there is never a dull moment having two retired K9’s under one roof. While both Dox and Tovan are enjoying retirement, they are always busy and looking for work to do. When the weather is warm and sunny both dogs will take time to lounge in the grass and soak up the rays but are always ready to pop up to play or greet people.

Dox loves his Kongs, running around the fields and playing with the other dogs. Whenever Deputy Feyen is home, Dox follows him around and wants to help with whatever he is doing. His favorite playmate is the family’s French Bulldog.

Tovan is the family love bug, always checking out bags from the cars and inspecting packages that are delivered. He always finds toys, new and old, to drop at your feet and wait to be thrown. In his older years, Tovan would prefer to be a snow bird but has to make due curling up in front of a heater, suckling on a blanket or a big dog bed.