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Retired K9 Deputy Arco (means bow or arch) was a black and red Belgian Malinois from the Netherlands. He was born in August 2004 and started with LCSO in 2006 after extensive training in patrol and narcotics. He was also the poster K9 for the LCSO Crime Prevention Unit’s magnet. It was a rare treat for him to be in the driver’s seat of the K9 patrol truck rather than in the back seat!
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After 9 years of active service with LCSO, K9 Arco retired and went home to live with his partner, Deputy Dave Feyen, and his family.It was hard at first to see his “Dad” go off with a new partner and it was awhile before he didn’t hop into the truck when his Dad was ready for work only to find out Dad’s new partner, K9 Tovan, was heading off to work instead.

K9 Arco had thousands of hours of training to become such an awesome K9 deputy. During his years of actively pursuing bad guys and bad drugs, he took pounds and pounds of drugs off our streets. Arco was an aggressive alerter, which means when he found drugs he would scratch excitedly at the area to alert rather than sit passively and stare at the spot where he sniffed the drugs.Too bad for the cars he alerted on. Guess it’s not wise to have drugs in the car.

Although Arco was a force to reckon with, he was always ready for some love! When he wasn’t working he loved snuggling up for some rubs and loved meeting the community.


He was an amazing ambassador for our K9 unit and showed how a highly trained police dog can be a great people dog as well.


After Arco retired, he got attacked by some unknown wild animals and was badly hurt. Although he needed a lot of medical care and healing, his family took extra special care of him in his recovery so he was able to heal and spend the next two years happily retired. He was a beloved family member and had acres of land to roam and lots of shade trees to nap under before he crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2017. He was so loved and will always be in our hearts.

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