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K9 Cash, originally named “Amigo”, was purchased from Von  Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana in May 2015. Deputy Jamie  Smith became Cash’s handler and renamed him “Cash” based on  his love of Johnny Cash, Cash money (a K9 unit saying that  means a dog found narcotics), and Cache la Poudre.  

Cash- Larimer County Retired K9

Smith’s previous K9, Oso, had to take early retirement due to a  spinal injury while on duty. K9 Oso was a very large, black  german shepherd. Oso went home with Smith to join his family  as a pet for the rest of his life. K9 Cash became his new partner.    

“I remember when my wife and I picked up K9 Cash from the  Denver International Airport in 2015. The crew brought Cash out  to us and I saw this little 52-pound scruffy looking animal that  was scared to death.” Deputy Smith introduced Cash to the  Citizens Academy Alumni at its quarterly pot luck announcing  the start of the LCSO Retired K9 Fund being kicked off to  support LCSO retired K9’s as they retire to their handlers home  to live out their lives as a family member. Cash crashed into the  room and headed for the table of food – he was determined to do  a full sweep of the table. Thankfully, Deputy Smith reigned him  in before the food was devoured.

 “We started his training within a few weeks and Cash quickly  learned his abilities. The bond between Cash and I quickly  formed. I have always loved dogs, grew up with dogs but had  never encountered an attachment such as this. During Cash’s  career, we spent countless hours together, on patrol together 10  -12 hours a night and training a minimum of 20 – 30 hours a  month. To say I love this guy is an understatement. It is amazing  when you can communicate with an animal with a simple hand  gesture or merely with a look. The conversations I have had with  Cash in the middle of the night during shifts, well let’s just say  I’m glad he cannot talk! Over the years Cash has grown to be 92  pounds but still thinks he is the little guy I picked up from the  airport. Cash’s speed, tenacity, courage, determination and intelligence is undisputed

(I think every K9 Handler feels the  same about their partner). During Cash’s career, we were  responsible for countless drug arrests, multiple suspect  apprehensions, were part of the best patrol crews in the world  and were members of the most dedicated and professional K9  and SWAT Teams ever assembled. Being K9 Cash’s Handler is  one of the highlights of my life!

K9 Cash and Deputy Smith went through the K9 academy for narcotics certification and  patrol apprehension certification. Smith knew he was an  awesome K9. Through additional rigorous training, Cash  became the first LCSO SWAT K9 and provided the SWAT team  another non-lethal option for apprehension, and expanded  tracking options using Cash’s amazing tracking skills. Smith was  promoted to Corporal during this time as well. Cash served for five years before his early retirement due to Smith’s promotion  to sergeant and moving out of the K9 unit. LCSO allowed Cash  to retire to Smith’s home to keep this partnership going for Cash rather than trying to get a new handler. The handler/K9 bond is  so strong that whenever possible, the team should remain together.

Cash adjusting to retirement -

His handler says: “Currently, Cash is learning to be a normal (I use that term  loosely) house dog. He still has the drive and desire to work. Cash spends time in the back yard with his brother (retired K9 Oso)  and his little sister Emma (our 6 lb Chihuahua). It is comical to  watch Cash and Emma take turns chasing one another around  until their tongues are hanging out and they are out of breath.  Cash also gets to spend time with his Mom and our daughters  going on family walks. Cash is a very happy boy and smiles every  time I come into his view. His joy is contagious, and he is a  blessing to our family!” 


Cash joins his brother, Oso, to the Smith “K9 Retirement  Village”. Our foundation is happy we can financially support  these two amazing K9s so the Smith family can offer them a  wonderful life without undue financial burdens to their family  budget. Having two retired K9s is no easy journey so we  celebrate their love for Cash and Oso (along with their chihuahua  who rules the roost) and their willingness to take special care of  these pups that have given so much to our community,