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K9 Beta, a beautiful female black lab, was born in 1995. Officer Troy Miller became Beta’s handler in 1997. K9 Beta focused on sniffing out narcotics for her career but as only a true lab would do, couldn’t resist the call of water. Any water source – river, stream, irrigation ditch — she would want to play in the water and have fun — even on a search. She had the best of both worlds – could hunker down and search out drugs but also jump and play in puddles and have the time of her life.

After about a year and a half of Officer Troy and K9 Beta working together, K9 Beta developed a luxating patella (the patella jumps out of the groove and disconnects causing pain.) At that time there was a new procedure they were starting to implement on dogs with this problem so she underwent this surgery to repair here knee. After the successful surgery and rehab, K9 Beta was like a puppy again. She was then able to continue her career.

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