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K-9 Ryker, a handsome red sable German Shepherd born in the Netherlands in December 2010 became a certified LCSO K9 deputy in March of 2012. His human partner, Deputy Aaron Hulme, and K9 Ryker worked together for seven years. 

Ryker Retired K9

Ryker loved going to work with Deputy Hulme! He took large amounts of narcotics off our streets, had a high apprehension rate (getting the bad guy) and was a great partner! When Ryker saw Deputy Hulme put his uniform on, Ryker would get so excited because he was going to get to work! When this team first hit the streets, K9 Ryker would bark so loud whenever Hulme got on his radio – no one could hear a thing with Ryker’s excitement.

Tracking and doing building searches was one of Ryker’s favorite things to do. Ryker was so smart, he learned how to drink out of any drinking fountain and he could turn on any automatic sink in buildings they were searching so he could get a quick drink while searching! Ryker’s intelligence, coupled with his attention to everything around him and his proactiveness, enabled him to be the first LCSO K9 to participate in missions with the SWAT team.

Although K9 Ryker is very protective and focused on his job, he is very affectionate and playful. He would sit on laps, kiss little kids, or roll over for a belly rub. Barb (Larimer Retired K9 Foundation) calls him her “hugger” because he would stand up and give you a big furry hug! Deputy Hulme occasionally had to remind her that Ryker was a working dog not a snuggle dog but Ryker knew when he was working and when he was off duty and could snuggle!

K9 Ryker retired in March 2019 after seven years of service at the age of a little over 8 years old. Typically K9s can serve for approximately 8 years, but in Ryker’s case, he was the last marijuana certified K9 at LCSO and had sustained some shoulder injuries, so Ryker retired a little bit early. The Colorado marijuana laws changed and limited the searches done by a certified marijuana K9.

Deputy Hulme also retired the following month and moved his family to Wyoming. Ryker has lots of space to roam and chase deer and balls in his new home with his devoted handler and family! As you can see in one of his pictures, he absolutely loves the new bed the foundation gave him when he retired!

Happy retirement, Ryker! We love you!