About Us

Our mission is to financially support a happy and healthy retirement for the amazing Larimer County Sheriff’s Office K9s that have given so much to our community safety and their handlers in Larimer County. The Larimer Retired K9 Foundation is a 501©3 organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service effective August 31, 2017.

Our Board of Directors

The Larimer Retired K9 Foundation Board serves on a voluntary basis and is not paid for their time spent on Foundation matters.

Barbara Bennett


Jill Maasch

Vice President

Lucille Braden


Veronica Farmer


Caitlin Reale

Cathy Lund

Claire Preston

Jackie Knudsen

Lena Franklin

Lucretia Weng

Mark Ferrell

Michael Gurwin

Retired K9's
Active k9's
active board members

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